Antiques and Collectibles

Dealer's Program

Utica First Insurance Company is pleased to offer insurance coverage for the owners of a retail antique and collectibles business. This program is designed to meet the property and liability insurance needs of the owner/operator as they relate to ownership of the retail store as well as for operations off-premises such as shows, fairs, consignments and property in transit.

We know the small business owner as an "entrepreneur with a dream" and we want to help further that dream by protecting it from the common hazards usual to this business.

We also know that protecting your hard-earned assets is smart. You work too hard to lose everything, due to a quirk of nature, an accident or an unforeseen event. Fortunately, Utica First can protect you for these types of occurrences.

This policy was designed to cover the small business owner, operating a retail sales establishment and who occasionally travels with inventory, to shows and fairs.

More Than Traditional Insurance

The Business Owner's Policy, either on a Standard or Special form, is the basis of coverage. It provides all the normal insurance protection that a small business owner would require. Other coverage's are also included to recognize the special hazards faced by an owner of a retail antique and collectibles business.

Some Special Benefits For Our Clients

Coverage is provided for off-premise shows and fairs, and goods out for framing, mounting or appraisal, up to 25% of the inventory value.

  • Reasonable valuation in the event of a loss
    • Unsold items: equal to your cost plus up to 30% for additional acquisition expenses
    • Sold items: equal to selling price less discounts and non-incurred expenses
    • Property of others: equal to the value in the consignment agreement
  • Ability to schedule items of higher value
  • Coverage is available for breakage, marring or scratching of fragile articles.

Note: Coverage highlights for information only. Consult actual policy for precise coverage applicable.