BOP Classes

Letter designation
(may vary by state)
Program Type
A Apartment
ART Artisan
FS / R, or BBDP Food Service/ Restaurant
CS Convenience Store
AS / RG Auto Service/ Repair Garage
R Retail
O Office
S Service
T Tavern

Class Type of Occupancy
Antiques R
Apartments A
Appliance Sales ( Not TV or VCR) R
Appliance Service and Repair R
Auto Parts and Accessories R
Bagel Stores (No Baking or Cooking) BBDP/FS
Bagel Stores (Baking Only) BBDP/FS
Bagel Stores (With Cooking) BBDP/FS
Bakeries (No Baking or Cooking) FS/R
Bakeries ( Baking only) FS/R
Bakeries (With Cooking) FS/R
Barber and Beauty Supplies R
Barber Shops S
Beauty Parlors S
Beverages (no Liquor) R
Beverages (with beer and wine) R
Body Repair and Collision RG/AS
Books and Magazines R
Cameras and Photographic Equipment R
Candy, Nut, or Confectionery Store ( no Cooking) R
Candy, Nut or Confectionery Store (with Cooking) FS/R
Carpets and Rugs R
Clothing Stores R
Coin-Op Laundries and Dry Cleaners (attended) S
Convenience Stores (no cooking) with gas sales CS
Convenience Stores (with cooking) with gas sales CS
Copy and Duplicating S
Curtain and Draperies (less than 25 % installation) R
Deli (with cooking) BBDP/FS
Deli (cooking with household appliances) BBDP/FS
Deli (no cooking ) BBDP/FS
Dental Laboratories S
Department stores (under $ 500,000 sales) R
Department stores (over $ 500,000 sales) R
Detailing (Pinstriping, waxing, buffing) AS
Drug Store (with cooking) R
Drug Store ( no cooking) R
Dry Cleaning Plants (except rugs) and Industrial laundries S
Dry Cleaning (Pick up, no cleaning on premises) S
Electrical Repair / Installation AS/RG
Electrotyping S
Engravers S
Fabrics R
Floor Covering (less than 25 % installation) R
Florists R
Furniture R
Garden or Lawn Supplies R
General repair (with gas) AS
General repair ( without gas) AS
General Stores R
Gift Stores R
Glass Installation AS
Glass, Paint, Wallpaper Stores R
Greeting Cards / Stationery Stores R
Groceries (less than $500,000 annual sales) R
Groceries ( under 2000 sq. ft.) R
Hardware R
Health Food Stores R
Hobby / Craft R
Ice Cream (no Cooking) R
Kitchen Accessories Store R
Laundries and Dry Cleaning Pickup ( no cleaning on premises) S
Leather Products ( not shoes) R
Letter Service S
Linen Supply R
Linotyping S
Liquor Stores R
Lithographers S
Meat, Seafood, or Poultry Stores R
Novelty Stores R
Office O
Office Machines ( not computers) R
Oil change and Lube AS
Optical Goods R
Paint and Pinstriping AS/RG
Paint, Glass, Wallpaper R
Pet Shops R
Photoengraving S
Photofinishing Labs S
Photographic Studios S
Pizza (Baking only) FS/R
Pizza ( with Cooking) FS/R
Power Laundries ( not auto) S
Printing-Commercial and related Services S
Radio or TV sales ( less than 25 % installation) R
Record or Tape Stores R
Restaurants BBDP/FS/R
Retail NOC R
Rustproofing, undercoat or glazing AS
Sewing Machine Store R
Shoe Repair S
Shoe Stores R
Sound or Communication Equip Repair or installation AS
Souvenir Stores R
Sporting Goods Stores ( no used equip or repair) R
Supermarkets / Groceries over $ 500,000 sales R
Tailors S
Taverns T
Television or Radio Repair and Service S
Toy Store R
Transmission Shops AS/RG
Tune ups / Emissions Testing AS/RG
Tuxedo Rental S
Upholstery Goods Store (under 25 % work performed) R
Upholstery Tops, Sunroofs, repair or installation AS/RG
Vacuum Cleaners Sales and Service R
Variety Stores R
Video Tape Rental R
Wallpaper. Paint and Glass Store R
Watch , Clock, Jewelry Repair S
Wholesale NOC R