Convenience Store Program

A Comprehensive Coverage Designed Especially for You

Unique to Utica First, our convenience store program targets the thousands of prospects that sell both groceries and gas. Unlike the typical business owners policies offered by other carriers, Utica First combines broad eligibility with a host of specialized coverages to fulfill the demanding requirements of store owners and operators.

In NY, CT, and PA, the "UFEE" endorsement is mandatory. In other states, you have the option of either the Utica First MAXIMIZER endorsement or various "PACE" endorsements to round out your insured's coverage.

Available Coverage

  • Special Broad Form Property Coverage for buildings, contents or loss of income.
  • Comprehensive Liability Coverage including Product Liability Protection.
  • Optional Liquor Legal Liability Protection (some states)
  • Comprehensive Enhancement Endorsement:
    • Food spoilage
    • Power interruption
    • Money and securities including lottery tickets
    • Non-owned automobile coverage
    • Glass coverage
    • Sign coverage
    • Fire legal liability
    • Incidental liability
    • Employee dishonesty coverage
    • Trees, shrubs and plants
    • Lock replacement coverage
    • Vehicle damage to buildings under your care, custody and control.


  • Stores must have gas sales plus at least a minor amount of other items.
  • 24 hour operations are eligible.
  • Risks with kiosks only are eligible if other items are sold besides gas. We rate Kiosk as a minimum of 1,000 square feet.
  • Pumps and Canopies are rated as "Building" under our program.
  • Liability is rated on "Public Area" square footage. Kitchen and storage areas are excluded from our square footage calculation.
  • Risks with cooking facilities are acceptable if protective devices are in place and meet the same maintenance contract provisions as risks covered under Utica First's Food Service Program.
  • Buildings can be up to 8,000 square feet.

Note: Coverage highlights for information only. Consult actual policy for precise coverage applicable.