Food Service Programs

Restaurants and Taverns

Utica First offers unique Businessowners (BOP) programs for all sorts of risks in the food serving industries. Family style restaurants, pizza shops, bagel stores and delicatessens are just a few examples of the many businesses we insure. Our policy is non-auditable, and includes such highly desirable coverages as Business Income and Systems Breakdown.

What do we look for? We are interested in insuring non-seasonal businesses which have been owned and operated for at least one year by the insured, are financially sound, and have total values (including business income) of under $1 million. The premises should show strong attention to maintenance (including semi-annual cleaning of all hoods and ducts and annual servicing of fire suppression systems), overall cleanliness, and compliance with all municipal and NFPA codes. The business must be located in a protected fire class area.

We classify the businesses as follows:

Type 1:

This is used for smaller food serving businesses, with a total square footage of 2000 feet or less. Bagel Stores, bakeries, deli's, take out restaurants, and pizza shops often qualify for this program. This type of risk does not have waitress service and can have no more than 20 tables. We also differentiate between risks that merely bake with ovens vs. risks that use cooking appliances such as grills and deep fat fryers.

Type 2:

Risks in this program include all those eligible under Type 1, but the square footage cap is increased to 5000 square feet. Alcohol selling is permitted, but can not be more than 40% of total receipts. Establishments that provide live entertainment, dancing, or that are open later than midnight are not eligible under our program. Liquor Liability can be purchased for Type 2 risks.

Type 3:

This is our tavern program. Our general appetite is the smaller "mom & pop" type operation, the types of taverns that would generally be called a "neighborhood bar". We do not write actual Nightclubs, businesses with "bouncers" or security staff, or bars with live entertainment or dancing. Liquor Liability insurance must be written elsewhere.


Risks which exceed the square footage maximums under our BOP programs can often be written under our Commercial Package Policy (CPP) instead. Coverages vary somewhat from the BOP, but the policy can still be quite comprehensive. Check with us for details.

Note: All food service risks must be inspected and approved before binding. Detailed underwriting requirements can be found in the Businessowners section of our Commercial Underwriting Manual.