Identity Theft

All Utica First Policyholders Receive Free Identity Theft Resolution and Identification Document Recovery

Don't be an easy target for identity theft!

Identity theft is a serious crime and no matter how careful you are, you may still be a victim. Recovery takes time and money to repair the damage to your name, credit, and finances. What would you do if you were a victim of identity theft?

  • If you're a victim... Call Utica First at 800-456-4556 and we will handle any identity-theft related reimbursement claims. If you need assistance restoring your identity, we will connect you with the Identity Theft 911 Resolution Center where you will be appointed a highly experienced fraud specialist who will guide you through the resolution process.
  • Stay educated... The best defense against identity theft is awareness. Visit our educational website at http://www.uticafirstidtheft.com where you'll find up-to-the-minute threat alerts, in-depth articles and other useful resources.

Utica First also provides you peace of mind with reimbursement coverage for a reasonable fee. The program includes:

  • Up to $25,000 coverage for expenses incurred due to identity theft

Expert Resolution Assistance powered by Identity Theft 911 has two key components to assist you and members of your household in a wide range of identity-compromising situations, from actual identity theft to lost or destroyed documentation:

  • Identity Theft Resolution - For victims of identity theft or those who need assistance handling suspicious activity in their credit files; whatever the crisis, you have unlimited access to a resolution expert who will handle all documentation and phone calls needed to resolve your case. A full year of active follow-up to evaluate resolution effectiveness is included.
  • Identification Document Recovery - For victims of a natural disaster, flood or home fire who have lost their personal identification, legal or financial documents; includes assistance with emergency authentication, and retrieving, replacing or recreating lost or destroyed identification documents.

For more information concerning this valuable program, click here for details.

Consider the following regional statistics*, filed by the FTC in 2005:

Impact in the state of New York...

  • The victimization rate for households in New York was 11.5%.
  • New York ranked 8th out of 50 states for per capita identity theft complaints.
  • Losses due to identity theft were 10.2 times greater than aggregate losses from burglary, larceny theft, and motor vehicle theft.
  • The state's identity theft cost enterprises and victims nearly $5.7 billion.


  • An estimated 364,000 Pennsylvania residents were victims of identity theft.
  • Identity theft cost Pennsylvania enterprises and victims nearly $2.4 billion and drained over 17 million hours in victim resolution.
  • The victimization rate for households in Pennsylvania was 7.3%.


  • Identity theft in Connecticut increased by 67.2% since 2002.
  • The victimization rate for households in Connecticut was 7.1%.

*Source: Identity Theft 911, LLC